20 March 2011

moon landing, upper left

luna 4

luna 3

luna 2

luna 1

During last night's full, "super" moon, we had too much cloud cover. I had the good sense to bring out the camera a night earlier though. I've also have my son's old telescope set up since the patio's been clear of snow. I'm guessing that if we owned a more powerful and expensive telescope, I could capture a better focus, but no matter how meticulously I focus the telescope and camera separately, once I line them up, they just don't want to play nice together.

If you click "moon" or "telescope" below, you'll see I tried this in 2006 too. I was using our older Rebel then.


texwisgirl said...

I like these! Kinda geeks me out a bit tho as they look like eyeball close-ups! Like something the optometrist sees when he looks in those funky goggles...

A Rural Journal said...

We have a telescope and I never thought of doing that. You are a girl genius! :)

bon bon said...

"i spy with my BIG eye..." ha!

thanks, nancy! i really need to have a bit more patience and add a tripod to the mix.

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