21 March 2011

get up! breakfast is on!

mama leaving the den
"woah, it's spring!"

waking the kids
"get up, you lazy lima beans."

two cubs follow
"spring? looks pretty wintery yet to me!" "i'm going back to bed."

My folks sent these photos, taken by their trail camera that's set up on their hunting land. This winter they came across a den with a mother bear and two cubs quietly sleeping away the winter, so they set up the camera to capture their exit. Dad has been spending the last week making maple syrup too, so there's been a concern that these three would come lumbering out when they smelled the possibility of pancakes. I had really hoped to get back up there and take more photos (and help tote a few jugs, of course), but I was back on dog walking duty again while friends were on vacation.

In addition, another friend has put me to work painting houses now that we are reaching some warmer temperatures. My Mom was a house painter so I spent a handful of summers in my teens and twenties working with her painting apartments and banks around the state. We've currently been getting quite a bit of rain, but today's looking to be warm and dry, so I'm heading out shortly.

Better listen to those bears and grab some breakfast...


texwisgirl said...

Oh my gosh! These are great captures!!! Wow! House painting? Did not know that about you! I detest painting. I slop more than I should, dread doing trimwork. Yuck, yuck, yuck... :)

Dianna said...

Amazing photos! That is so cool that they were able to set up cameras to capture photos of the bears. Thanks for sharing!

Dawn said...

So glad you shared these..I have always wanted to capture the exit:))

Leontien said...

Wow! that would be something else if you see them in your back yard... or anywhere else for that matters!

Thanks for sharing

jMo said...

So the folks got out the ol' critter cam, eh? I always wondered if you cud control them remotely and how the memory, etc. works.
Such a good grab.
I'm actually going to eat some afternoon waffles right now.

bon bon said...

yes, it's pretty neat seeing all the critters they've caught. i had to burn them a disk full last year loaded with bear, deer, turkeys, fox, raccoon, etc. i just finally got around to posting a few!

jMo, their cameras are motion sensored. not sure about other brands or options.

t, i kind of enjoy house painting. it takes little brain power. ;o)

A Rural Journal said...

Received some maple syrup in the mail today -- fortunately, it was in a bottle. ;)

Love the bear pics -- quite an unusual scene to capture, I would imagine.

bon bon said...

good thing. wouldn't want any bears following your mailman around...

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