05 March 2011

ending the night on a "high" note


Nicole Atkins in concert. A rich and powerful voice. I love attending concerts in intimate venues where their voice just surrounds you and it has nothing to do with the speakers. She wouldn't even need any since the Frequency is no bigger than our house. I got a feeling after she plays SXSW this year, the venues will get bigger. Well, one would hope.

Of course, I also favor women who sing in my key. But if I had that kind of strength to my voice, I wouldn't be sitting here blogging.

Here's one of my favorite songs.


texwisgirl said...

I bet! Nice shot!

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

Love the photograph. Very powerful. Great job! :)

bon bon said...

thanks, ladies. :o)

Dawn said...

That's a wonderful capture.
And I like (and agree for me too)...your last comment:)

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