29 March 2011


machete needed

Texwisgirl shares with us so much beauty and wildlife surrounding her pond, that I thought I would share our pond view with you. Only problem is, you would need a machete to actually see who's hanging out down there! Our property ends right where the grass does. (I'm using "grass" loosely. "Brown stuff" is currently a better description.) Beyond, a path heads down into these woods frequented by creatures like opossum, deer and Kensington. (I encourage her to poop down there.)

Taking a few steps down into the woods I found these remains at the base of a tree. Confirming that if you do make it down to the pond, don't drink the water. ;o)



Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Wow! What animal is that? Or WAS that, do you know? I would not let my puppy go poop down there!

The pond is neat, though. You are being kind of a little mean with it, aren't you? The gray and dry look will disappear, as soon as Spring comes for real.

I should post a picture of ours too. It is a little bitty thing but we like it.

I only do not like the "snapping turtles" and the "water moccassin/cotton mouth" snakes that come every Summer. Yuk!


Dawn said...

Oh my Word! What the heck is that? A crocidile?:)))
I'm sure if I took my book down there to read I would have to bring my guard dog;) And my own water bottle:))))

texwisgirl said...

Ha ha! Did not realize you had a pond nearby! And now I know why. :) That skull is interesting. Any guesses as to what kind? My first guess is feline, but I really don't know.

texwisgirl said...

I just googled bobcat skull. I'm going with that...

look out Kensi!

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

My what big teeth you have...hoo hoo hahah

Is it me or is TexWis really into her skulls/bones? We might need to start keeping a better eye on her;)

bon bon said...

you guys are a riot!

miriam, about the same time the pond starts looking good, the trees will fill in and it will completely disappear from our view!

and i really couldn't say whose head this belonged to. a feline was my guess too, but it was too small for a bobcat at about 5" front to back. unless it hadn't matured.

LB, tex may as well have an osteology degree given all her dogs haul on to their property. ;o)

Nancy said...

I think you should take the skull to the University (of your choice) and have them carbon date it. It might be really, really old.


Dianna said...

Oh, wow. I think I'd keep my distance!

But you should post another photo when the grass gets green - it's probably a beautiful spot!

Well.....except for that dead thing there.


bon bon said...

can you imagine the look i'd get, nancy? almost worth it to see a reaction.

dianna, i set this skull on the moss for this shot as it is quite green and lovely right now! ...then i went to the house and sterilized my hands.

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