28 March 2011

creativity at it's cleanest!

creativity at it's cleanest!

Collective shot of everyone's efforts. Thanks to each of you who joined us for our annual soiree, and for your part in making this truly, the "worst schwaklakk ever"! You guys never disappoint.

View everyone posing with their work here.


texwisgirl said...

Fantastic job, everyone!!! The sink and the tube of toothpaste are my favorites, I think, but the cheesehead is fabulous too!!! :)

Dawn said...

Oh this is GREAT WORK! (I was HOPING you would show us):))

bon bon said...

t, the toothpaste is my fave too! mark takes the "what can i carve that is white" approach.

i can't go without sharing visuals, dawn! otherwise who'd believe me? ;o)

Nancy said...

So, which one is yours, Ms. Bon Bon?
I like the Guy Fawkes Mask. Because I am all about the revolution. :)

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

The little worm is cute too. The toothpaste is cool, and so is the sink. Oh, what to say? They are all very interesting!

bon bon said...

nancy, not sure anyone was going for guy fawkes, so you've thrown me! mine is the portrait of han solo in carbonate.

miriam, it's fun seeing what people come up with! my youngest (he's 26) did the sink. he tends to keep things simple, where i go for "this probably can't be done with soap." :oD

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

The triple XXX Rot Gut jug is all me ;)

Cat said...

Those are just cool! I am trying to figure out if "Blue Eyes" is a cat or a wolf. I don't care, I think they are all great!

bon bon said...

LB, you crack me up!

cat, my friend karen rendered her own white cat in soap, and he does have one blue eye and one green. :o)

Ms. Mamma said...

Sweet! I wish we would have made the trek. Next year fo' sho'.

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