08 March 2011

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It's been a dramatic (traumatic) 24 hours at our house. My father-in-law went in yesterday for heart surgery to repair a valve. All went well, thankfully! We head up tonight to visit.

I also took Cam in to the vet yesterday as in the last 4-5 days he's been showing less and less strength in his back leg. He's eating less too and has probably lost a pound this week (which is only a tenth of his weight). They took x-rays and did some blood work, but seeing he's 16 1/2 years old, in all honesty, I was hoping they would just be sending us home with some pain pills to make his final days more comfortable. The thought of spending a grand on surgery isn't really in the cards.

Of course, when it rains, it pours. In the afternoon, I went next door to watch the neighbor girls after school. They got a rescue dog for Christmas. Half lab and half greyhound, I believe. Kensi came along which she's done in the past, but I should've known better as this dog has already shown some signs of "playing" too aggressively. We had to break them off each other once before when D stomped on Kensi and K must've got hurt because she barked angrily before hell broke loose. This time, K ran up and grabbed D's rope. D retaliated by grabbing K by the skull, her tooth nailing K in the eye. I grabbed D and poor C, who's ten, was in charge of prying Kensi out of her mouth! And the thing with K is, when she's attacked, she fights back! Luckily, no human was bit, but K had to see a ophthalmologist today because the vet wasn't 100% comfortable making the call. We have to go back next week because the blood and bruising in the back of the eye is making it hard to see what's going on. But K appears to be doing ok for now. On several meds for inflammation, infection and whatnot.

The neighbors are dear friends and just heartbroken. This could be the final straw for D, as K is not her only enemy. She has also attacked our other neighbor's wiener dog when it broke loose one day, a few dogs at the park and doggie daycare, and their very own cat, who has been confined to the basement since D's arrival. I expressed concern to D's Mom about her girls, and she said D has snarled at L, who's just 7. The situation makes me nervous. Animals can bounce back but a child bit by a dog can be a little more scarred emotionally.

I hope they can get some help for poor D. She's a good girl around adults. Hopefully she can learn some manners around submissive-types. Until then, we'll go potty in the front yard when she's in the back.


Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

Sometimes it's no training or discipline given by the owners, and sometimes the dog just is who he or she is by nature.

Sounds like an accident waiting to happen. :(

texwisgirl said...

Oh dear! 1st of all, glad hubby's dad did okay with his surgery! 2nd, I hope Cam's results come back without something serious to report... Keeping fingers crossed...

Poor Kensi! And poor D too. Doesn't bode well for her future... If I were the parents, I'd have a really hard time with my girls being around her. :(

bon bon said...

yes. makes me a bit nervous. she's already few years old and they started obedience classes since getting her, but as you said, nancy, could just be her nature.

hopefully, there's a happy ending for all involved...

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