23 March 2011

albino deer


albino w/lens flare

white and brown

I'm going to finish off "game week" here with more shots from my parents' hunting land.

Do not adjust your color, folks. This guy's albino. The first shot is a bit older then the next two. Note the antlers in the latter. He must've found this a safe location as he returned the following year. Although, Dad hasn't sent me an image from this year, so he's probably either moved on or some ignoramus shot him. Nature should've made him fluorescent orange instead.

This final image made me snicker. It appears the flash couldn't handle that bright coat and just knocked him clear out of the picture!

cut out


texwisgirl said...

That's too funny! Looks like someone cut out a paper doll deer!

I knew your dad had one around as you've mentioned it before. Mind if I send your link over to Abnormal Outdoors blog? I think he's really neat (your albino deer - not necessarily the guy who runs Abnormal Outdoors...)

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Whoa! I've never seen an albino deer until now! Very cool!

bon bon said...

abnormal outdoors? i'm intrigued! ha! go right ahead and share, "dear".

bon bon said...

thanks, TWoaD! :o)

A Rural Journal said...

My husband swears he saw an albino crow one time -- uh huh. :) Cool pics!

Dawn said...

Wow! Have never seen such a sight!
That beauty would be perfectly "camo-ed" at my place right now:)

Cat said...

Yep. They aren't common but they are around. Somehow, the fact they are white seems like they would be the equivalent of an "EAT ME" sign post above them, but I have seen an adult or two...


LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

I personally think the second photo proves unicorns are alive and well.....white four legged animal with a single showing "horn" and even caught the rainbowy something or another......okay okay I'll put down the homemade wine. Haha

Great photos! Never saw pictures of an albino before but hear a lot about them

Dianna said...

There was an albino deer in our area a few years ago, but we only saw him across the field - never got near him.
It's sad to think of the hardships some animals endure.

bon bon said...

thanks for stopping by, everyone!

i would hope that most people, like my parents, would not be interested in shooting something this unique. but unfortunately even unicorns have their price.

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

You said it right: "ignoramus".

A few years ago, our local paper published a picture of a boy of about 13 years old, with an albino deer that he had shot. It almost made my blood boil! Now I know the proper word I could not find at the time, for such a horrible thing: IGNORAMUS!!

I hope this gorgeous animal did not encounter such a useless human being in his path.

Fantastic pictures!

bon bon said...

that is just awful. i am not against hunting. our deer population would be too great otherwise. (as a teen, i had to help clean the meat off the bones. ugh.) but i also heard my parents speak of NOT shooting a doe because she had a fawn with her. that boy's parents are obviously teaching him sport is for game and impressing others, and meat is secondary.

i received some great news from a flickr contact of mine who said wisconsin is one of six states where it is illegal to shoot albino deer! so this guy just needs to stay put!


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