28 February 2011

why has my party abandoned my people?

why has my party abandoned my people?

I had a meeting in Madison on Saturday, so husband and I decided to walk the length of State Street up to the capital building to see all the hullabaloo first hand. We were forced to park about eight blocks in the opposite direction, so all signs pointed to chaos. Instead, I'm going to go with "organized chaos". We had little warning this would be Madison's largest rally day so far, although it didn't feel like 70,000-10,000 people to me. Maybe because other times I've encountered a group that big, I was at a concert and a bit too close to the stage, getting a boot in the ear. These folks weren't about brute force. Basically, brute force is what they are protesting against. Our governor has gone too far trying to remove union's right to bargain. For anything. Our democratic senators have fled the state to avoid voting on a bill they are outnumber on. Yesterday they attempted to clear all protesters from the capital building. A little hard to enforce when the cops are on the side of the people.

All in all, it's like watching a chess match.

But you came here looking for proof of blood loss, didn't you? Sorry. Everyone's ducky, and I'll post a photo tomorrow of Kensi donning her little blue bandage (that is already off). More suspense!!


texwisgirl said...

So you took Kensi with you to Madison and she got into a scuffle? Nah. She's a peaceful type. :)

I have such a hard time with politics. Figuring out which "side" to be on makes me crazy that we have different sides at all. I know it's supposed to work better that way, but...

bon bon said...

i get more and more liberal with each president. my parents get more conservative. it's best not to bring up politics. ;o)

ann richards was a dem, right? that one's a bit of a mystery to me...

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

My husband's a union iron worker, so it's not difficult to figure out where my loyalties are.

It's a damn disgrace.

Thanks for posting about this -- I love the photo. :)

bon bon said...

thanks, nancy. we're not a union family, but it's pretty clear where walker's interests lie. he's completely ignoring the protesters main concern.

things are getting uglier here each day.

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