05 February 2011

happy chinese new year!!


patrons attacked & devoured during their meal

We were in Madison last night to attend a short film fest that friends (and friends of friends) were putting on. As talented as they are, it's difficult to take photos at a film fest and feature their abilities here. Any stills would've been when the lights went up, of people eating pizza. Nothing you need to see, frankly.

Immediately before arriving however, my (nerd) husband, had to stop at a nearby comic book store. Luckily for me, it's in the same strip mall as a Chinese restaurant, which, you guessed it...was celebrating the new year! The sound of the drums and firecrackers echoing through the storefronts was a bit hard to ignore. People from other shops were sticking their heads out to see what the calamity was about. I managed to capture a few shots before they headed indoors. The second image above was taken through the restaurant window. Looks like everyone was having a great time! But at that point in the festivities, I could've used some egg drop soup to warm my fingers in.


texwisgirl said...

The year of the rabbit once again (our year actually). :)

Dan said...

I honestly thought that it was another pug photo at first glance! :)

bon bon said...

t, does this work to our advantage luck-wise?

now that you pointed it out, dan, i see the resemblance! pugs have chinese roots. maybe they evolved from dragons.

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