09 February 2011

five things...

five things...

Texwisgirl challenged me with the surprisingly difficult task of coming up with five things I can't leave home without. At least she asked during the winter, otherwise I'd have been stuck at two. Granted, I tried avoiding the obvious choices of wallet, keys, coat...

Tissues— Still somewhat obvious. It's currently 4ยบ outside right now. My nose does not approve of extreme temperature changes.

Excedrine— Migraine sufferer. A mixture of Excedrine and Aleve usually does the trick. Although being unemployed has done wonders as far as keeping tension and stress headaches away! lol!

Lip balm— User/abuser.

Ipod— One would think Madison, Wisconsin would have a decent radio station. One would be wrong. There are some with a few great hours of programing (WORT) but none consistently playing music I like. My issues with the college station should be put aside for now so I can dedicate a full blown rant on a future date. :o)

Sense of humor— A desperate attempt to find an object representing an attitude. How'd I do?


texwisgirl said...

Oh excellent! I was wondering what the little moutachio'd bunny could possibly be. And in your Wisconsin driving conditions, I guess a sense of humor would surely be warranted... :)

And with your ADHD tendancies, I am not surprised about the Ipod or lack of admiration for local radio stations. To be contd!

bon bon said...

the radio in the car is usually tuned into to NPR. i'm fine with peace and quite at home, but like to have something keeping me awake while driving.

true. my adhd does not allow me to listen to commercial stations. i'm a total tv station flipper too. i must have higher doses of testosterone then other females. ;o)

and i completely forgot to tag anyone else! but no one is as dedicated to this drivel as you, and you already put that notch in your belt. ha!

jMo said...

funny bunny! You made some fine choices, woman. I'd also go with the iPod (Nano, what are you a millionaire) and some kind of snot solution. But I have the iPod because there doesn't seem anything I can do to put a dent in the file size, amazing.
Anyway, I was just thinking of putting up a new tab on the neglected Curtain blog this week about the great radio stations we have, haha.
I put some Interweb ones on FB, but maybe you shud tune into the Snake on the Lake when WORT gets too weird.

bon bon said...

fooled you! that ipod in the photo is kaput! my nano never leaves the car but for 3-4 times a year to update. it was simply too damn cold to go out to the car to retrieve it.

snake on what lake? monona? ;o)

ok, i'm tagging you now since i know you read this. hee hee!

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

Hey, I like your drivel! Your drivel is excellent. :)

bon bon said...

oh, thank you, nancy! i appreciate your being a follower of the unimportant! ;o)

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