10 February 2011

faux little debbies

faux little debbies

I came across a recipe for homemade oatmeal cream pies about a week ago and finally got around to baking them yesterday. Truth is, I had to wait until the lemon shortbread cookies were gone. It's really not wise of me to have more than one type in the house. If it were up to me, I'd eat the lemon cookie for lunch and the oatmeal for dinner. A third choice, would mean I'd make no healthy meal option, frankly. Yes, it's a wonder I'm a functioning adult without weight issues.

These turned out pretty good except next time I make them, I'd eliminate the shortening in the filling all together. Or find an alternative recipe. The cookie part alone was perfect, and the filling tasted alright when complete, but I, of course, tasted the gooey stuff as I was mixing it and thought the appearance of shortening, in flavor and feeling on my tongue, was unnecessary. And I had even cut the shortening down by half! My husband thought they were delicious. He's an oatmeal scotchie lover so I will definitely try this with butterscotch chips as well. (Sans filling.)

If you'd like to have a go at these yourself, here are the changes I'd make to the original recipe

8 oz(!) of vegetable shortening in filling... Ugh! No! Eliminate, or try just 2-3 T.
Drop by the tablespoon (I did 2 tablespoons)... This makes one big cookie! And remember you're doubling up each one. After one tray, I went down to a 2 teaspoon size dollop.
425º,  for 10-15 minutes... I know my oven runs hot so I started at 400º and the large ones were still done in 8 minutes! Small, took more like 7. Eyes on the prize, people.

Blah. Too much writing...time for a cookie.


texwisgirl said...

Blah. Too much recipe. Send me a cookie! :)

bon bon said...


Carly said...

i agree with you on the drop by the tablespoon thing, i think thats how i managed to get 40 instead of 20 sandwiches out of my choc malt recipe =) now i get what flavour they are!

bon bon said...

thanks for stopping by, carly! funny cuz i just "liked" you on facebook! your fig newton recipe has gone to the top of my to-do list!

stay warm! (near the oven.)

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

Never have been a fan of the Little Debbie Oatmeal thingies, but your photo is awesome. Makes me wish I did like them? But that makes no sense.

Maybe substitute lard for the shortening... won't get that waxy taste.

bon bon said...

my sons put away a lot of little debbie snacks after school, and one is returning home this weekend so he will be my official taste-tester.

i really don't feel any shortening is necessary, but that's a good option for anyone who wants to attempt these. it's the last thing you add so i'd suggest tasting as you go. (...something i foolishly didn't do until i was 4 oz in.)

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