02 February 2011


black on black

wanna cuddle?

we'll give you two seconds to take...doh.

Of these three shots, the center one was the easiest to capture because my husband shot it while they were on my lap. The moment I sit, they are both on top of me, Isaac head-butting Kensi the whole time. She only really tolerates his affection to hold on to the prime real estate. She used to cozy up to Nigel all the time, so I try to encourage her to do the same with Isaac. But she's not buying it. She has me! What does she need a cat for?

Cam, on the other hand, is quite indifferent to contact of any sort. Geesh.

Oh, and yes, we received a  foot of snow last night. School, businesses, even highways are closed. I have yet to venture out and take photos though. Following the lead of Kensi and Isaac, the couch is a perfectly good place to be right now.


texwisgirl said...

Awww! I'd snuggle up to either or both if I had the chance! We are very cold here - low teens last night and not expected out of the 20s today - or tomorrow. Hot cocoa in a big red cup/mug from my Wis friend coming up!

I use that cup every night for either tea or cocoa. Love it!

bon bon said...

i'm glad you like it! i also, happened to use a certain candle when our electricity went out during that blizzard tuesday night! :oD

our wind chills are going to stay below 0 for a few days here, but that's expected of winter in wisconsin...20ยบ in texas sounds pretty crazy to me! i'm picturing all your kids currently huddled on YOUR couch! ;o)

Uncivil said...

They're both so snugable!!!!
Pretty pics! Heart warming

bon bon said...

thanks jimmy! i must give isaac credit for putting cats a bit higher on my list of adorable animals. ha!

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