13 February 2011

be mine

i'm not teas-ing...

my arms long for you...

Dug out some "old" Valentines to shoot after our weekend house guests left. I had to bake more cookies this afternoon as well, as having three bachelors in the house for several days left us with nothing but crumbs. It's very similar to watching the Roadrunner leave dust as the Coyote stands there with fork in hand. ;o)


texwisgirl said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the visual! :)

Do I know of these bachelors? Friends? Relatives? Stranger than mosts?

bon bon said...

you do! keith, cade and cub. so your last statement stands.

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

If I knew some of the valentines I received in school would be considered vintage now -- I would have kept them! They are so cute and innocent.

Love the composition in both photos. So creative. :)

bon bon said...

thanks! hmm, maybe we should be describing ourselves as "vintage".

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