08 February 2011



I had the good sense to take my camera along with me today into a second-hand store in Stoughton, and encountered Baxter, their super-friendly customer service representative! I managed to get just one shot of him as he was busy flitting from one shopper to the next encouraging them to buy something for crying out loud because dog biscuits were kept by the cash register!! He would stand behind people making purchases and paw at them on the back of their leg. Reminded me of something Nigel used to do. "You are in the kitchen. So, why aren't I being fed?" Baxter spent the first five minutes of my arrival with his nose velcroed to my calves taking in "Eau de Kensi". He seemed to approve because he ended up doing a little dancing for us.

Walmart would be smart to change all their door greeters to dogs. I would consider shopping there if that were the case. But as it is now, I'm put off by elderly people sniffing my pants.


Nancy said...

Glad to meet you, Bon Bon (I get a kick out of the usernames people choose -- yours is very original.)

Awesome photograph -- b/w is an interesting choice, but I think it works very well.

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I'm glad Theresa pointed you over my way --

Looking forward to seeing more of your photographs. Have a great evening. :)

texwisgirl said...

Oh look at you with your follower button (finally!) Glad Nancy came over to see you. I adore her blog.

Laughed at your Walmart greeter suggestion. You're a nut!

bon bon said...

you too, nancy! glad you popped over! :o)

my username came about when we went to paris. i was cramming in french, and my name is kandy, so...mon nom est bonbons.

ha! oh theresa, you know me! i still haven't found the perfect blog template, so parts could easily disappear again. always a work in progress. ;o)

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