28 February 2011

why has my party abandoned my people?

why has my party abandoned my people?

I had a meeting in Madison on Saturday, so husband and I decided to walk the length of State Street up to the capital building to see all the hullabaloo first hand. We were forced to park about eight blocks in the opposite direction, so all signs pointed to chaos. Instead, I'm going to go with "organized chaos". We had little warning this would be Madison's largest rally day so far, although it didn't feel like 70,000-10,000 people to me. Maybe because other times I've encountered a group that big, I was at a concert and a bit too close to the stage, getting a boot in the ear. These folks weren't about brute force. Basically, brute force is what they are protesting against. Our governor has gone too far trying to remove union's right to bargain. For anything. Our democratic senators have fled the state to avoid voting on a bill they are outnumber on. Yesterday they attempted to clear all protesters from the capital building. A little hard to enforce when the cops are on the side of the people.

All in all, it's like watching a chess match.

But you came here looking for proof of blood loss, didn't you? Sorry. Everyone's ducky, and I'll post a photo tomorrow of Kensi donning her little blue bandage (that is already off). More suspense!!

25 February 2011

imagine a sloth pouring honey in zero gravity...

This is the speed of our old Mac.

Our accountant has our laptop still (again), and blogging and processing photos from an antiquated boat anchor just hasn't been a top priority for me. Hopefully, hubby will be able to pick it up today so I can share with you the dangers of walking your dog on icy sidewalks. Teaser...

There Will Be Blood.

20 February 2011

looking for alternatives

looking for alternatives

Kensi's not above splashing through puddles, but prefers to veer towards the shallow side, or even better, traipsing through a few inches of snow. This was shot when we still had some snow. In the last week, we've lost about 90% coverage. The front yard currently looks like mud. On the plus side, conditions are perfect for some springtime robin arrival!


In case you're wondering, I have not made it into Madison for the protests. Although, I'm on the side of those speaking out against the governor's actions, I've been on fence about whether I need to be in the way of someone who is more directly effected by this bill. BUT, in the long run, I most likely will be effected since this guy is all about quieting the voice of the people he supposedly serves...

Hmm, I kind of took my initial logic there and blew it right out of the water, didn't I? See what a good debate can offer a person? Even if it's with themselves! ha!!

15 February 2011

valentine cupcakes

chocolate with cream cheese

nom nom nom...

I got a little carried away baking and cooking on Valentine's Day. I picked a southwest themed meal (via the Eldorado Grill) for my hubby. Some of the crazy peppers listed in the recipes are not to be found in Wisconsin in the dead of winter, so I compromised with what I could find canned in the Mexican isle of my grocery store. G is a lover of hot peppers and eats 3-4 jalapenos a week sliced with nearly anything. Rarely does he encounter food too hot. I, on the other hand...

Wisely, I kept the cupcakes pepper-free.

13 February 2011

be mine

i'm not teas-ing...

my arms long for you...

Dug out some "old" Valentines to shoot after our weekend house guests left. I had to bake more cookies this afternoon as well, as having three bachelors in the house for several days left us with nothing but crumbs. It's very similar to watching the Roadrunner leave dust as the Coyote stands there with fork in hand. ;o)

11 February 2011

sunbeam > playtime

sunbeam > playtime

Happy weekend everyone!

And double-rainbow happiness for the people of Egypt! I admire your collective courage and am overwhelmed with joy watching your nation celebrate...

10 February 2011

faux little debbies

faux little debbies

I came across a recipe for homemade oatmeal cream pies about a week ago and finally got around to baking them yesterday. Truth is, I had to wait until the lemon shortbread cookies were gone. It's really not wise of me to have more than one type in the house. If it were up to me, I'd eat the lemon cookie for lunch and the oatmeal for dinner. A third choice, would mean I'd make no healthy meal option, frankly. Yes, it's a wonder I'm a functioning adult without weight issues.

These turned out pretty good except next time I make them, I'd eliminate the shortening in the filling all together. Or find an alternative recipe. The cookie part alone was perfect, and the filling tasted alright when complete, but I, of course, tasted the gooey stuff as I was mixing it and thought the appearance of shortening, in flavor and feeling on my tongue, was unnecessary. And I had even cut the shortening down by half! My husband thought they were delicious. He's an oatmeal scotchie lover so I will definitely try this with butterscotch chips as well. (Sans filling.)

If you'd like to have a go at these yourself, here are the changes I'd make to the original recipe

8 oz(!) of vegetable shortening in filling... Ugh! No! Eliminate, or try just 2-3 T.
Drop by the tablespoon (I did 2 tablespoons)... This makes one big cookie! And remember you're doubling up each one. After one tray, I went down to a 2 teaspoon size dollop.
425º,  for 10-15 minutes... I know my oven runs hot so I started at 400º and the large ones were still done in 8 minutes! Small, took more like 7. Eyes on the prize, people.

Blah. Too much writing...time for a cookie.

09 February 2011

five things...

five things...

Texwisgirl challenged me with the surprisingly difficult task of coming up with five things I can't leave home without. At least she asked during the winter, otherwise I'd have been stuck at two. Granted, I tried avoiding the obvious choices of wallet, keys, coat...

Tissues— Still somewhat obvious. It's currently 4º outside right now. My nose does not approve of extreme temperature changes.

Excedrine— Migraine sufferer. A mixture of Excedrine and Aleve usually does the trick. Although being unemployed has done wonders as far as keeping tension and stress headaches away! lol!

Lip balm— User/abuser.

Ipod— One would think Madison, Wisconsin would have a decent radio station. One would be wrong. There are some with a few great hours of programing (WORT) but none consistently playing music I like. My issues with the college station should be put aside for now so I can dedicate a full blown rant on a future date. :o)

Sense of humor— A desperate attempt to find an object representing an attitude. How'd I do?

08 February 2011



I had the good sense to take my camera along with me today into a second-hand store in Stoughton, and encountered Baxter, their super-friendly customer service representative! I managed to get just one shot of him as he was busy flitting from one shopper to the next encouraging them to buy something for crying out loud because dog biscuits were kept by the cash register!! He would stand behind people making purchases and paw at them on the back of their leg. Reminded me of something Nigel used to do. "You are in the kitchen. So, why aren't I being fed?" Baxter spent the first five minutes of my arrival with his nose velcroed to my calves taking in "Eau de Kensi". He seemed to approve because he ended up doing a little dancing for us.

Walmart would be smart to change all their door greeters to dogs. I would consider shopping there if that were the case. But as it is now, I'm put off by elderly people sniffing my pants.

07 February 2011

audience participation

audience participation

Checking the score (do they keep score?) at Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl is the only Super Bowl-like activity at our house. The little black blob at the bottom center of the screen, is the silhouette of Kensi's head. Making sure there are no flags on the play.

Or poop.

The kitty halftime show is a hit too.

05 February 2011

happy chinese new year!!


patrons attacked & devoured during their meal

We were in Madison last night to attend a short film fest that friends (and friends of friends) were putting on. As talented as they are, it's difficult to take photos at a film fest and feature their abilities here. Any stills would've been when the lights went up, of people eating pizza. Nothing you need to see, frankly.

Immediately before arriving however, my (nerd) husband, had to stop at a nearby comic book store. Luckily for me, it's in the same strip mall as a Chinese restaurant, which, you guessed it...was celebrating the new year! The sound of the drums and firecrackers echoing through the storefronts was a bit hard to ignore. People from other shops were sticking their heads out to see what the calamity was about. I managed to capture a few shots before they headed indoors. The second image above was taken through the restaurant window. Looks like everyone was having a great time! But at that point in the festivities, I could've used some egg drop soup to warm my fingers in.

02 February 2011


black on black

wanna cuddle?

we'll give you two seconds to take...doh.

Of these three shots, the center one was the easiest to capture because my husband shot it while they were on my lap. The moment I sit, they are both on top of me, Isaac head-butting Kensi the whole time. She only really tolerates his affection to hold on to the prime real estate. She used to cozy up to Nigel all the time, so I try to encourage her to do the same with Isaac. But she's not buying it. She has me! What does she need a cat for?

Cam, on the other hand, is quite indifferent to contact of any sort. Geesh.

Oh, and yes, we received a  foot of snow last night. School, businesses, even highways are closed. I have yet to venture out and take photos though. Following the lead of Kensi and Isaac, the couch is a perfectly good place to be right now.

01 February 2011

cat loaf

cat loaf in b/w for dramatic effect

cat loaf

We have our laptop back. Therefore, I can once again keep you up to date on the dramatic happenings in our household. Like the width of our cat, for example. I don't often shoot using the flash but this was a night shot so I figured using it was the only way I could truly capture Isaac's talent of oozing over the arm of the couch.

We are bracing for a blizzard here in southern Wisconsin tonight. Forecast says a foot of snow could be expected by tomorrow afternoon with winds gusting up to 45 mph. I did some shopping yesterday in anticipation.

Isaac's 24 pound bag of cat food should hold him until Friday at least.

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