18 January 2011

the new face of gerber

the new face of gerber

Oliver's Dad mentioned on facebook today he was going to the Madison Children's Museum. I, being toddler-free, had no illegitimate reason to go other than wanting to see what changes they made since moving into their new facility. So, when opportunity knocked, I ripped the door right off the hinge. Not to mention, getting to shoot the sweetest, most adorable child in Madison!

Thanks for sharing your afternoon with me, Ollie. (Along with your Dad, of course.)


texwisgirl said...

Okay. I gotta admit. He's pretty darn cute...

I still prefer pix of Kensi. Sorry Ollie!

bon bon said...

ha! kids you don't have to take home are the best kind!

honestly though, this little guy's personality matches the face. there are children i'm related to that i wouldn't care to spend an afternoon with! ;o)

Tammy said...

Geesh...what a pose. He looks like a born model. Such a cutie, and nice photography too :)

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