30 January 2011

john in the bath

john in the bath

The accountant has our laptop.

Therefore I'm using the slow behemoth G4 we keep in our spare room. Which I could feasibly hook the camera up to, but our photo albums sit to the left of me and our scanner to my right, so...film shots it is. This was actually taken about ten years ago when A Hard Day's Night was released in theatres. We happened to have the camera along, so my husband snuck in a few shots. For anyone who recalls when the Majestic in Madison showed movies, you'll recognize the angle of the screen. The seats didn't actually line up adjacent to the 100+ year old stage. Plus it was colder then a polar bear's balls during winter, so people often came with blankets or a thermos in tow.

Taking screen shots of a movie is knowingly frowned upon, but since this was a 40 year old film that most everyone had seen already, we figured we could pull it off without much guilt. My husband didn't want to appear too obvious though and he took them from his lap, so none of the shots are framed all that well. But I like the edginess that implies. I think John would've approved.

This print hangs framed in our bathroom, by the way, so you could say he and I bathe together.

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texwisgirl said...

Very arty and cool - even if it is pirated footage. Ha!

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