10 January 2011




Carlos and Bella's "parents" were out of town over New Year's weekend, and asked me to come walk them while they were away. They didn't ask me to photograph them, but how could I resist really. Although, they aren't the most cooperative models in that every time I would get down to their level, they would walk over and throw their big bodies into me for petting! Goof balls.

I do have an ulterior motive however. Being that I'm still unemployed (unemployable?), I had been going over the thought of pet photography for some time. I love animals and love taking photos, so what have I got to lose in trying to combine the two, huh? So, a business venture is under way! I am in need a bigger portfolio to show people though,  so if you're in the Madison area, let me know. I'm throwing out a "getting established" price of $80 for a session AND all processing work, for the month of January. See the info page for details.

Once I build up a few fans, I'll be able to change the url and will include it in my list of links, so please share and "like"! I have a way to go before I'm at a Sally Fields level of likability.


Dawn said...

Oh too sweet!
(I have a Bella too:))

As for your comment....yes- I DID rotate the photo...it gave it a more "arial" view:))
And thanks for my birthday wishes:))

bon bon said...

a fun idea and cute post! :o)

and you're welcome!

texwisgirl said...

Oh I hope you can get some takers!!! I'd so hire you if you were in the vicinity!!!

texwisgirl said...

Of course I'm assuming you'd charge $80 per pet and I'd be bankrupt...

bon bon said...

ha! for you?! nothing!

i'd figured each additional pet could cost $10. the time and travel are already done. the post-processing fees may be more for extra photos. but for now? i'm giving that away!!

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