27 January 2011

for bill

ay, there's the rub

Today is the birthday of a dear "old" friend. He doesn't blog, tweet or flickr like myself because he has a life. But I do know his voyeuristic nature leads him here on occasion. That's right, Bill. I know how you tick...

We've been pen pals since I was 15 and he was 17. (This pretty much gives you a clue as to how old we are now because who the hell in this day and age has a pen pal?) We're both on our second marriage. I have two grown boys from my first. He has two young girls from his second. He was in attendance for my second, and I, for his Mother's funeral. We share a love of seafood and travel. He prefers gin to my Baileys. My snark and his dry wit have always kept the conversations hovering near ridiculous, and there, I believe lies the success of this union. The outside world may see us as respectable adults, but we both know better. Crows feet and sensible shoes do not guarantee maturity.

So, happy birthday old man! When the time comes that my mind is gone, know that there's still some space for you in my heart. I'll sign off as you've done for thirty years now...

With Love and Friendship, Kandy


texwisgirl said...

Oh how sweet! Happy Birthday "old" Bill! I'm the same age as Kandy, altho I do consider myself the more mature of us two... :) You must have some wit in order to keep up with this sassy lass. God bless you!

bon bon said...

easy call, girlfriend. saying you're more mature than i am is one of those does-a-bear-shit-in-the-woods observations.

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