05 January 2011

does this sweater make me look fat?

does this sweater make me look fat?

I hate to break this to you, baby girl...but yes, it does.

Although, the extra weight you're carrying, plays a factor as well.


texwisgirl said...

Does she even NEED a sweater with the padding she already has?! Ha! Like I should talk. I had fat Avis and now I have fat Baron... :)

bon bon said...

she'll get the shimmys if she's outside too long. black pug's coats aren't as thick as the fawn's, and her fat isn't quite substantial enough for 20ยบ or below. mine neither... ;o)

Dawn said...

hahhahha...oh your title of this post caught my eye as I was on Texwisgirls blog today.
So glad I came and looked. This made my day:)))))
Thank you:)

bon bon said...

i appreciate the kind words, dawn. glad we could make you smile! thanks for dropping by! :o)

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