04 January 2011

auction purchase



Purchased for $85. My husband and I spent an afternoon shining up the chrome with steel wool. I spent another $160 on the the faux cow hide and having a local upholsterer recushion it.

Doing my part to keep the economy going.


Ms. Mamma said...

Holy Bisquit, Batgirl. I love these chairs! Muy valuable... from the UP, I think. Will you will them to me?!

JulieB said...

Wow - absolutely love it!!

bon bon said...

thanks, heidi. i only have the one. (first image is a before shot. i can relate to your excitement in overlooking that.)

when i told my older son i was covering it in cow hide, his reaction was, it would probably look best on a john waters set.

younger son hasn't seen it yet. if he shows the same distaste, then yes, i will put you in my will.

hi julie! thanks! i think it's pretty bad-ass myself. ;o)

texwisgirl said...

I like it! It looks like you! :)

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Have a most wonderful New YEar! xx

bon bon said...

thanks gals! and happy new year to you too!

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