29 December 2011

some real photos for once

moxie b/w
moxie rhodes

sexual chocolate, cruising mode
sexual chocolate

greta b/w
greta thorn

daisy in red heels
daisy chains

kitty larue

gang of five
gang of five

The last time I posted anything except mobile phone images, was 40º F ago! On the positive side, that's only 40º ago, because November and December have been insanely mild. These were taken back in October on a 82º day. Going over this set, I've decided that my husband took most of the outdoor shots and I took the indoor ones. (Although, I'm behind the lens in this last shot.) Then I did all the potato-chop work. Which explains why they are nearly three months behind schedule. We've actually shot the Peach Pies once since then! I've included a few of those iphone shots here in this set.

At least, at this rate, I'll have images to share all winter other than snow and gray landscapes.

25 December 2011

merry christmas to all!

Recent random shots...


lady fingers
lady fingers from the neighbors


recall walker
capital rotunda

5amx yrr3m
i left a message on the car parked next to ours

merry christmas
christmas buffet

"the artist"
"the artist"

Hope everyone had (is having) a awesome Christmas!! xo!

12 December 2011

pies and cookies and sauce. oh my!

pies and cookies and sauce. oh my!

The pie is gone already. The applesauce topped our pumpkin pancakes, yesterday. (gaaaaaah, so good...) The cookies are slowly disappearing as well. This all counts towards my fruit and vegetable intake, right?

You may have noticed a few changes over there in the right column. I cleaned out the link of bloggers I follow because a) they don't update nearly as much as they used to, or b) I follow them on facebook. The few remaining are now in the "blog roll" column. Facebook is most likely the reason they don't blog as much. Me? I'm a glutton for punishment and continue to update every social network known to man.

Which has gotten me nowhere, basically.

I listed my esty shop too. I started it thinking it would help me make a couple bucks to pay for classes. But, there's a lot more to etsy then just plopping down a few products and hoping someone will buy something, so I'm learning. It requires daily interaction of re-faving other items, and getting on the boards to peddle your wares. Things I just don't have time for right now. (Hell, I don't have time to write this as I have a quiz at noon today to study for!)


Seven more days of classes. Finals the week before Christmas...

I need a cookie to power through this.

08 December 2011



Kensi's tale was going full tilt at seeing Vinnie. Whereas Vinnie just kept averting her eyes. "Ugh, you're lucky there's glass here, dog."

30 November 2011

more randomness

november fields
november fields

they're grrrreat!
they're grrrreat!

Hello friends and lurkers! On Monday, my mom fell and broke her hip. On Tuesday, she had surgery to replace it. Today, she's already hobbling around with a walker. Kind of amazing, huh? She should be home Friday. Like it never happened. Tonight she told me that Dad did the dishes! I told her to milk this thing.

Meanwhile, I'm overwhelmed in school and for some reason signed up for a photographic-alphabetic scavenger hunt on google+. It was due today but I only got through 16 letters. I don't know what I was thinking.

"I'll just take photos with my phone as I come across them!"

Um, sure. It's a contest so I can't share the whole set yet, but let me just say that A was for Acorn... Have you ever looked for an acorn in Wisconsin in November? I must've pulled over at every oak tree within a ten mile radius of our house only to find fat squirrels looking down at me pointing. Laughing. Patting their stomachs, and picking the acorns from their teeth.


I managed to find one wormy one and shot it's good side.

26 November 2011

random thanksgiving pix

shop wall
dad's shop wall

dad's walk-in cooler
in his walk-in cooler. currently full of venison and apples

parallel bars
kensi, waiting for turkey to hit the table

19 November 2011

antique pool balls

antique pool balls

Purchased at an auction many years ago already. I always figured I'd do something arty with them, but as of yet, they just sit in an old wooden bowl. I've since sold half of them at one of our yard sales. Hopefully, that buyer has more ambition than I.

But hey. Here's a photo! That's kind of arty, right?

12 November 2011

peach pies

madison's peach pies

Shot last month on an 80º day. About half way through processing. Teaser...

10 November 2011



Through the glass of my sunroof, using a raindrop as a "filter". Wet snow, actually. (poop.)
Click the image to go to flickr if you like, where I posted a couple more shots.

If I don't check in tomorrow, I hope you all have a happy Nigel Tufnel Day!

09 November 2011



I don't know why this photo turned out as dramatic as it did. The surrounding sky wasn't this dark to the naked eye.

Some day I'll pick up a real camera again, but in all honesty, all my memory cards are full. If my anatomy instructor would stop throwing tests at me every three days!


In other news: It snowed today! But it was in the 60ºs last week, so I'm putting my foot down. Who do I need to talk to about this foofaraw?

04 November 2011


still in the field

baa ram ewe

west koshkonong lutheran

walnuts, holding on tight

huge willow

Another beautiful day. So, I took the scenic route home from Madison.

Happy Friday, everyone...

02 November 2011

"green" pug

"green" pug

Kensi likes the crinkly noise that empty plastic bottles make. Toy wise, they last thirty times longer than anything with a squeaker.


As I loaded this to flickr, I noticed it was my 3,000th photo. Not sure if that's something to celebrate, or a strong argument for having me committed.

30 October 2011

wisconsin autumn

water's edge

wisconsin autumn

birch & blue

What a gorgeous October we've had! These shots were taken at the Stoughton dog park. It's such a lovely location. I shot a family of four there yesterday (sans dog).

I had hoped to have a pumpkin carved/decorated by now but I don't think that's going to happen this year. Then again, it's fitting that I help pave the road to hell during Halloween, right? ;o)

20 October 2011

16 October 2011

raking with the neighbor girls

knocking all the leaves out of the tree
Knocking all the leaves out of the tree...

...so they have something to jump in.
...so they have something to jump in.

silly hat club, lifetime members
silly hat club, lifetime members

14 October 2011

oh. and i have a mobile phone now.

a storm brewing

The last person in America to join the 21st century.

It's been a week and I've yet to talk to anyone on it.

13 October 2011

pies in the hayloft

burlesque beauties in the barn...

A shot of Daisy and Moxie taken from my husband's photostream. We had the pleasure of shooting Madison's burlesque troop, the Peach Pies, last Sunday! A barn full of beauties! Such fun!

Unfortunately, I'm currently in the middle of midterms, so processing those 9Gs worth of photos is not going to happen overnight.

I could make good use of a clone of myself these days. Or two, as I currently have a hankerin' to make some cupcakes.

Hankerin'... Could this post get any more countrified? I should throw in a "yeehaw!!"

12 October 2011

the last of 'em

never backwards, and always turning...turning!

step on it

tlc reflects (which means she is not a vampire. whew!)


I seem to be shooting quite a bit vertically these days. hmmm...

You can see the entire set from the day here if you so desire. My pal, TLC, (that's her reflection in the building) has a few on her flickr page as well. But, I know for a fact she took more than four. I guess she's busy. Newly engaged and all. I'm lucky I dragged her away long enough to go on a photo shoot with me!


(p.s. "Forward" is Wisconsin's motto. Even though we pretty much took a massive step backwards in 2011. However, it's much too late at night to get all political up in here.)

08 October 2011

beauty everywhere


bride and groom


Sorry to dump and run, and for neglecting all my blogging friends. I've got three tests to prepare for next week, and now two model shots this weekend. eep.

Currently, the sun is hitting the yellow leaves of our maple in the front yard as they blow off the tree, and geese are honking overhead. Makes my trigger finger quite itchy.

Hope you're having an equally beautiful weekend... :o)

07 October 2011

worldwide photo walk 2011

...on a madison bike!

blue on blue



Last Saturday, a friend and I attended Madison's chapter of Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk. Something I had foolishly signed up for a month and a half ago thinking I could squeeze it in when the time came. Sure! You'll notice I'm processing photos at two in the morning? But I don't have class tomorrow so I'm taking advantage of the fact I can sleep in.

Honestly, I still have photos from August to go through. Plus, it's hard not to keep shooting as autumn is in full swing and there's beautiful color everywhere! AND, we've been back in the 70º this week! Woo hoo!! It's awfully hard to study outside with leaves littering your keyboard. I know, rough, huh? Hopefully I can get the rest of this series up this week as we have a model shoot this weekend.

I could get so much more done if I could just do without sleep.

Ok, quick story before I head to bed...

This morning I took the pugs in to the vet. It was still early so they hadn't pooped yet, which always means that when they get to the vet, they'll poop. So, they did their business last minute, I took them in, they got their shots, their nails trimmed, yadda, yadda. On our way out, they perused the yard again, then I put them in the car while I went back to clean up their poop from earlier. Me, being the good Samaritan, cleaned up three addition piles. Well, that'll be the last time because I gave a pug an extra  minute to find and hit the door lock button!

Yes, the keys were on the seat next to them.

I went back in to see if I could call my husband to run home and get our spare key, but he works around 18 miles away, so the pugs would have to sit it out for a while. But, the vet assistants just chimed in that one of them could drive me home, which is probably less than two miles from the vet office. So, we returned and freed my little criminals in about five!

Note to self, leave a few biscuits, a fifth of whiskey and a deck of cards in the back seat to preoccupy them, in case this should happen again.

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