20 December 2010

the revling's


Gramma cooked three meals a day for Grampa, their three kids and a farmhard. Every Monday was wash day. Clothes were on the line in 20º F weather. Saturday was baking day. Her kitchen was (is) no bigger than most people's bathroom, but every Saturday the counters were overflowing with fresh bread, one or two types of cookies, and once in a while, my favorite...doughnuts!

I posted several photos now of her fishing. She absolutely loved it! Probably would go still if her walker could get her down to a creek. I recall Mom waking me and my sister up, in what seemed like the middle of the night, so we could get up and go fishing with Gramma and Great-gramma. Four generations of gals out of the shore eating cheddar cheese sandwiches. If anyone got a bite, Great-gramma would mosey up to you and throw her line practically right on top of yours. What a character!

Gramma also taught Sunday school and at the end of every school season, she took all her kids on an overnight camping trip. By that I mean, pitched a big tent on a friend's land with a beautiful stream, and go from kid to kid helping them put hooks in their worms. That evening, she built a fire to cook the fish over, which turned into the night's campfire. I don't recall there being a boy- or girl-scouts when I was growing up in central Wisconsin, so I'm sure this is as close as many of these kids came to that experience.


Grampa. Dairy farmer, carpenter, veteran. Built the dining set he's sitting at. After 30-40 years, the set was moved to my parents' kitchen where it sat another 30-40. When Grampa was done for the day, building something, milking cows or plowing a field, this table saw many a card game. Canasta, sheep-head, crazy eight if a grandchild was included. I remember my Grandparents watching Hee Haw and The Lawrence Welk Show, but not much else. They would just as soon sit around playing cards. My two uncles included. Occasional my other Great-gramma who lived across the street would join them and make a late night of it. 8 or 9 o'clock even!

All five of those hooligans liked their beer too! But this story would get pretty long if I open that can of worms. ;o)


texwisgirl said...

I love these photos. Your granddad... Words escape me...

Love the photo of the 2 girls fishing. Models they were. Could have made the cover of any fishing magazine.

bon bon said...

these photos are priceless to me. grampa's hair kills me here! when i knew him, he had the same disheveled mane, only it was white!

and i agree, gramma and her sisters were lovely girls. only 3 of the 6 left, but they're still thick as thieves! ;o)

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