28 December 2010



I couldn't share this before Christmas, but I spent most of my free time in December working on a 2011 calendar for my hubby. I'm still not finished though. I have two months to complete before the first of the year. Every year he seems to put off buying a calendar for work until March. So, which of us is the bigger procrastinator? Ha!

But, he loved it saying "it's funny, sexy, fantastic-just like her..." Ain't that sweet? I would've throw retarded into the mix, but I'm less p.c. than he is.


texwisgirl said...

ha ha! you creative types deserve each other!

texwisgirl said...

or maybe you're creative procrastinators...

bon bon said...

he is much more dedicated than i am when it comes to creating. while he's drawing or playing guitar, i spend that valuable time hunting down and eating chocolate. :oD

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