19 December 2010

no, that's not a t-shirt

no, that's not a t-shirt.

Grampa, sporting a serious farmer's tan. In the days before sun screen and melanoma were common words in our summer vocabulary.

I dedicated today to Christmas cookie production! I only baked the apple cookies, but have five more types in the freezer. I thought the apple ones might freeze better baked. I'll have to store them in the (freezing) porch as I finish them. Gramma always gives out containers of cookies for Christmas too. I tried not baking any of her "regulars" except I am making her caramel cookies. They are one of my favorites and are always one of the first kinds to disappear.

I'd like to attempt some candy too but I have dog walking duties again this week. My intentions may be overreaching. The road to Christmas...is paved with broken candy canes.


texwisgirl said...

Your grandma is SO cute in this photo! Love those overalls!

Yes, that is a SERIOUS farmer's tan!

bon bon said...

she still has those dimples too!

my gramma and mom were both adorable in their youth. then i have to go and look like my dad. ha!!

texwisgirl said...

Oh like you're not gorgeous! :)

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