05 December 2010

in three months time...

in three months time...

Sorry if my diptychs are too wide for your screen. I'm grabbing the link from flickr and the medium size isn't cutting it for me. Anyhoo, the right side of this photo is what we're looking at now for the next, oh...four months. I really do love having the extra living space the remainder of the year. But living for a few years in southern California and a small island off Japan taught me that waiting for warmth and sunshine makes you appreciate it that much more when it arrives.

Remind me of this come March, ok?


texwisgirl said...

Wow! The next 4 mos. - not so inviting... But the left side looks GREAT!!! :) Come visit me 'til March! :)

bon bon said...

yes, it's a shame unemployment goes hand in hand with being broke, where working means you're too-busy-to-travel. otherwise, i'd gladly take a stall next to zim and gem for the winter!

Dana said...

Well, I like the snow. At first, anyway. It wears on you after awhile, but we never really go that long with snow on the ground here. It usually melts off before the next snow storm here.

bon bon said...

hi dana! thanks for dropping by!

don't get me wrong, i LOVE the change of seasons. snowshoeing and building snow-creatures... maybe asking texwisgirl for a stall ALL winter was a poor choice of words. i'll just take the month of march. ;o)

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