31 December 2010

holiday sinfulness

holiday sinfulness

Here's what kept me busy December 23-24. I gave it all away so don't bother to beg. Besides, it's not very becoming of you. ;o)

If you'd like to know what everything is, I listed them on flickr. Clicking the image will get you there.

In other news (from more then a week ago), we attended a going away party for a friend who left Christmas Day to study in India for six months! I've included her travel blog in my links if you care to explore (sans a plane trip to India).


texwisgirl said...

Your homemade chocolate-covered cherries are TO DIE FOR!!! UGH!

Yummy and wonderful collage o' cholesterol and sugar! :)

bon bon said...

oh thank you!! been making them for about 25 years now. maybe i should go into business selling them! i'd soon weight 200 pounds though...

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