24 December 2010

family portrait with old milwaukee and cactus

family portrait with schlitz

Front row: Brother, Grampa, Sister. Back row: Great-grampa, me being held by Dad, and obviously unhappy. He probably just plucked me off that cactus. Whoever took this shot was pretty proud of that cactus because it gets as much photo real estate as Great-grampa.

My first year of life was Great-grampa's last and I've been told that when he became bed-ridden, we kept each other company. He would pull up his knees so I could sit on his stomach and do whatever babies do to entertain the elderly. In turn, he would speak Norwegian to me.


I'm pretty decked out actually. This may be from my baptism. I never liked water and still can't swim. That's probably the reason I'm crying. And check out the Old Milwaukee can! Remember when you had to open cans with can openers? Yes, I'm that old. 


texwisgirl said...

LOVE the cactus!!! Ha!

You made a cute, if not ornery, baby! I like that your great granddad spent time with you in your infancy. Who knows what your baby brain absorbed - in Norwegian even! :)

bon bon said...

the cactus is impressive by wisconsin standards, maybe not texas though. :oD

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