13 December 2010

bathroom p.o.v. hers/his

bathroom p.o.v. hers/his

Thought I'd share two views from my toilet. Hers and his.

No, I didn't actually take the shots while sitting on it. That would be such a Greg move. I had the 50mm lens on so I had to back up into the tub to get the male perspective. If I could've backed up any more, you'd see the framed photo on my toilet tank of John Lennon with guitar, taken (stealthily) at a filming of Hard Days Night.


texwisgirl said...

Yikes! What a winter wonderland outside that window!

The 50 mm lens - that's one that is fixed so you have to position yourself to get into focus? (I read that on a blog somewhere...)

bon bon said...

we got 6-8" this weekend! the sun is out today, so it's even more beautiful! yay, more photos to take!! ha!

the 50mm is fixed but only as far as zooming in and out. you can still adjust your focus. changing the aperture allows you to play with your depth of field. i use it about 75% of the time. i love it!

JulieB said...

Ha ha, brilliant - love it (and yes, I prefer your view!)

bon bon said...

thanks julie! fresh snow is just so lovely! trying to work up the energy to get back out there but it's only 5ºF currently. brrrrr...

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