13 November 2010



It appears our new Intel processor-based Mac doesn't play well with my older Adobe software. That's just great. So I'll need to ask Santa for a boatload of cash for Christmas so that this machine is more than a mere $2000 web surfer. Guess I should've listened to my off spring and bought a pc for 1/4 the price and downloaded all the software illegally. Damn my guilt (and addiction to Apple computers).

Meanwhile, I was going through some cds this morning, looking for pix I took this summer of a retro dining set we have. We had it at our garage sale but it didn't sell, so I was going to post it on craigslist. (You may recall, I need some cash.) I haven't found those photos yet, but I came across this image I threw together using nine shots of my parents' backyard. Here it is a bit larger. (Notice Nigel there in the first frame? Aww. My little man.) The red building is my Dad's workshop, beyond that, my Mom's parents home. Scroll to the far right and you'll see my cousin. (He's younger than I am, so that house wasn't there when I was growing up.) My Dad built their house himself (along with the many carpenters in our family) before I was born. 1960, I believe, and it cost him a year's wages. $5000. Kind of remarkable when you consider what I just paid for this damn Mac.

I should also mention there's finally a deck off the patio door on this side of the house. Only took Dad 50 years to get around to.

Probably would've cost him $12 in material in 1960.


texwisgirl said...

How neat! And little boy Nigel!!!

Sorry your $2,000 web surfer is not cooperating. At least it's still surfing and not yet just a $2,000 paperweight. :)

Yes, sitting here on my lovely $440 Toshiba laptop, I'd say a PC may have been a good choice... :) But you love what you love and in your case it's Macs...

Dear Santa: Please give Ms. Bon Bon a butt-load of cash. Don't let it burn in the fireplace. Yours truly, TexWisGirl

bon bon said...

great news! santa came through (in a round-about way)! a facebook friend told me about a simple program called rosetta which allows the newer macs to read non-intel software, and it works like a charm! what a relief! thanks for the karmic assist, t! (i'll still take the money though, if santa's listening.) ;o)

now if someone would create a program that automatically puts invoices and billing into quickbooks, i'd be on easy street. ha!

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