18 November 2010

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Several miles down the road from my small town sits one quite a bit smaller. I can't help thinking I may see Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Fiff coming out of this store when I drive by. Only Cooksville is much too small even to warrant a police department.

I was amused by the two signs posted in the store window here that read as follows:

We Do Not Sell Gas on Mondays! (state law)


Please be adviced that on Thursday 8/12/10 @ 4:30 p.m. the Evansville Ambulance Crew observed a large Mountain lion/Cougar carrying a dead (rabbit?) crossing the road in front of the ambulance. The Cougar was sighted on 138 just north of Cooksville where the sharp corner towards the East occur. Any ?'s - Call Karla xxx-5526

If you click the image, taking you to flickr, you can see a second photo, showing you where the one gas pump sits...


texwisgirl said...

OMG!!! LOVE the gas pump! Wow, you'd really have to pull up close to fill up!

And love the cougar warning. We get different kinds of cougar sightings here in Dallas..

bon bon said...

seems a bit of a fire hazard to be pumping that close, doesn't it?

i imagine dallas has an abundance of a different kind of cougar too. ;o)

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