08 November 2010

hey you, comear. wanna buy a house?

Since I'm still not up to speed here in the photo department, I thought I would share a link to some property a close friend of mine has for sale. Due to the current economy, they've already dropped the price twice since putting it on the market. Making it quite a bargain if you ask me. It's a hundred year-old farmhouse on nearly ten acres, but I know he has personally put thousands of hours into updating it. If I had a nickle for every time he said, "I can't this weekend, I've gotta work on the house..." I'd be a looking at a 2% commission.

I should give credit to his ex too as she's an artist and put many wonderful touches into the details. One kitchen wall is completely hand done in broken mosaic tiles. It's absolutely beautiful.

I was told that at least one viewer was turned off by the basement. Homes this old did not consider a basement living space. This was the day of root cellars to store your carrots and potatoes, canning shelves and basic access to pipes and electrical. Watch one episode of Holmes on Homes, and you'll quickly find out newer isn't always better. But it's a buyer's market out there right now with far too much competition, so people can turn their nose up over the slightest detail.

So...I just wanted to point the place out to the three of you reading this. Maybe you know of someone looking for a hobby farm in southern Wisconsin and can send them the link.

Stay tuned for my next post when I'll be promoting another friend's online business! It's phantom kitty bump month!


texwisgirl said...

Woo hoo! Look at you go! Miss Marketer! Actually, I hope your friend can sell his sweet place. You need to get those Chicago folks who've always dreamed of owning a hobby farm to get up there!!! :)

bon bon said...

yes, we thought someone ready to embrace country living would've grabbed it by now! i don't believe the realtor was promoting it enough. it was hard to find online just searching property in southern wisconsin. but i googled the address which brings it right up. so unless you know where to look...

i thought any (teeny-tiny) little plug i can give it, wouldn't hurt. :o)

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