03 November 2010

foto-free fednesday

Our laptop's logic board decided to call it quits almost two weeks ago. We still have a antiquated Mac G4 that I got back online to do some computer shopping, but for the most part, it's happy to just receive attention when we need to use our equally ancient scanner.

So, we purchased a shiny new MacBook Pro (yay!), and our computer guy managed to transfer over our programs and data. At first glance, that is. Today I tried opening PotatoChop and Bridge and it's telling me I've got some errors and I should reinstall the software. (ugh.)

QuickBooks is working just fine. Thanks a lot, unknowing-being-keeping-me-from-doing-fun-things.

So, for now, I'll just forge ahead on virtual paper-shuffling and fill every compact flash card in the house until I can share photos with you again.

Wish me luck...


texwisgirl said...

Oh MAN! Whatever did you do to tick off the technology gods?! :) Hope you get photo shop back soon! Always love your photos!

P.S. I liked your suggestion for using the tripod so I could drink while shooting. Hiccup! :)

bon bon said...

not a particularly good year for us on the death (pet, computer) or taxes front. thanks for sticking with me. ha!

and yes, a steady hand can be overrated. ;o)

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