28 November 2010

checking the cones

checking the cones

Hope you had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving! We gorged ourselves with a few of our favorite people. I don't have any photos to share of the actual day as I was occupied playing host. Stayed a bit too busy to pick up a camera.

Things slowed down considerably though on Saturday when Joel invited us over for a kiln firing. Good weather for sitting four feet from a 2500ยบ oven. With Kensi sitting on my lap though, my rear stayed pretty chilly. (It's best to rotate every fifteen minutes or so.) This shot is of Joel while removing a brick to peak inside.

Of this set, my husband and I shared camera duties.


texwisgirl said...

Wow! Neat! That was some heater! It is outdoors I hope (or Joel's basement is now on fire!)

I like the shot of Kensi - the look in her eye says "Please don't throw me in, please don't throw me in..."


amy said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but I thought of you when I saw this:


bon bon said...

yes, t, this is outdoors! ha! and it's a good thing kensi has a flat face or her nose would over heat.

hi amy! too goofy. although i need to log on and get selling myself instead of wasting hours looking for things i can't afford. ;o)

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