09 November 2010


Today, I'm promoting some tools of the pottery trade from my pal, Joel Socwell. Joel is a designer turned engineer, who studied geology, and dabbles in pottery. (Overachiever, perhaps?) He lives on 60(-something) acres in southern Wisconsin and has built his own wood-fire kiln on his property. Nothing like sitting around a hot kiln on a cold evening, downing a few bottles of wine. Although, he's been entirely too busy working two jobs to build any pots this year. So selfish. I need to remind him that sleep is for the weak.

He also owns a few laser-etching tools. Hence his ability and desire to create pottery stamps.

In a semi-related matter, we went up to my parents' hunting land last weekend to plant dwarf iris and cyclamen bulbs on Nigel's grave. And we also placed a headstone, which Joel had kindly laser etched for us. Free of charge. The least I can do is urge you to buy some pottery stamps. Would make a great Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah gift for the potter in your life!

Because who doesn't know at least a dozen, right?

I wonder if these would work for wax seals too... Perhaps you could ask Joel!


texwisgirl said...

Ooh neat! It makes me want to play in the dirt (or at least in the mortar the workmen have been slinging around our place for the past week - putting in some flagstones to extend our patio area).

Nice that you went to plant bulbs at Nigel's site. And a headstone. Very sweet.

Hope you get back to photo stuff soon or you'll run out of products to pitch! Hmmm. Do I sense some cupcake promotion coming?!

bon bon said...

i have cupcakes-a-go-go below in my list of peeps already and have mentioned them on several occasions. and really she has a million followers on facebook so one more post from me would be a drop in the bucket.

it appears my old version of photoshop doesn't work with my new intel processor so i'm screwed. i now have a very expensive piece of equipment on which to surf the interwebs. :o/

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