28 November 2010

checking the cones

checking the cones

Hope you had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving! We gorged ourselves with a few of our favorite people. I don't have any photos to share of the actual day as I was occupied playing host. Stayed a bit too busy to pick up a camera.

Things slowed down considerably though on Saturday when Joel invited us over for a kiln firing. Good weather for sitting four feet from a 2500ยบ oven. With Kensi sitting on my lap though, my rear stayed pretty chilly. (It's best to rotate every fifteen minutes or so.) This shot is of Joel while removing a brick to peak inside.

Of this set, my husband and I shared camera duties.

24 November 2010

why it's called fall



I don't think the neighbors mind when I feature their children on my blog. Especially since I only have six viewers. The photo I posted yesterday of Kensi reminded me that I'd had this similar shot of Lizzy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow! Unless you're reading this from some foreign land, then just have a wonderful Day! I have much prep work in front of me yet, and shouldn't even be taking time to post. But I thrive on procrastination. Come December 24th, I will be only a third finished with my Christmas shopping.

Will probably sneak in a post that day though.

23 November 2010

doing impressions

doing impressions

While I was raking one day, I glanced over at Kensi who was relaxing on the lawn and witnessed this. Luckily, she remained lethargic, allowing me to go get the camera.

I just realized this photo marks my 2,500th image posted on flickr. Cue the sleeping timpanist...

20 November 2010

18 lbs. of trouble

18 lbs. of trouble

Isaac isn't that much trouble really. Compared to Cam, he should be sainted.

19 November 2010

cornflakes and milk

such humiliation
Cam was under the impression that I swept the back patio for his leisure. Instead, it was a trap to humiliate. Check out that expression. "Man, the shit I put up with for a meal."

but i'm cute!
He got some fun out of it though.

this is MY moment, dog.
Then Kensi had to come along and ruin everything. "Seriously dog, can I ever have the spotlight without your interference?"

Dog: "Nope."

18 November 2010

since 1846

since 1846

Several miles down the road from my small town sits one quite a bit smaller. I can't help thinking I may see Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Fiff coming out of this store when I drive by. Only Cooksville is much too small even to warrant a police department.

I was amused by the two signs posted in the store window here that read as follows:

We Do Not Sell Gas on Mondays! (state law)


Please be adviced that on Thursday 8/12/10 @ 4:30 p.m. the Evansville Ambulance Crew observed a large Mountain lion/Cougar carrying a dead (rabbit?) crossing the road in front of the ambulance. The Cougar was sighted on 138 just north of Cooksville where the sharp corner towards the East occur. Any ?'s - Call Karla xxx-5526

If you click the image, taking you to flickr, you can see a second photo, showing you where the one gas pump sits...

17 November 2010

the look, the feel...

the look, the feel...

I screwed up and downloaded a template that totally messed up the layout I had going on here, and in the process lost my header, links and a few other settings I didn't intend to delete. But, in the process, I figure out how to keep a larger photo yet move other settings into a side bar. Somehow, my layout editor completely disappeared forcing me to nitpick my way through html (as that's the only way I know how to go about it). Frankly, I don't have time for this little distraction, so please just bare with me until I get a header back. Or send me some how-to tips.

Meanwhile, here's a pretty sky to hold you over.

13 November 2010



It appears our new Intel processor-based Mac doesn't play well with my older Adobe software. That's just great. So I'll need to ask Santa for a boatload of cash for Christmas so that this machine is more than a mere $2000 web surfer. Guess I should've listened to my off spring and bought a pc for 1/4 the price and downloaded all the software illegally. Damn my guilt (and addiction to Apple computers).

Meanwhile, I was going through some cds this morning, looking for pix I took this summer of a retro dining set we have. We had it at our garage sale but it didn't sell, so I was going to post it on craigslist. (You may recall, I need some cash.) I haven't found those photos yet, but I came across this image I threw together using nine shots of my parents' backyard. Here it is a bit larger. (Notice Nigel there in the first frame? Aww. My little man.) The red building is my Dad's workshop, beyond that, my Mom's parents home. Scroll to the far right and you'll see my cousin. (He's younger than I am, so that house wasn't there when I was growing up.) My Dad built their house himself (along with the many carpenters in our family) before I was born. 1960, I believe, and it cost him a year's wages. $5000. Kind of remarkable when you consider what I just paid for this damn Mac.

I should also mention there's finally a deck off the patio door on this side of the house. Only took Dad 50 years to get around to.

Probably would've cost him $12 in material in 1960.

09 November 2010


Today, I'm promoting some tools of the pottery trade from my pal, Joel Socwell. Joel is a designer turned engineer, who studied geology, and dabbles in pottery. (Overachiever, perhaps?) He lives on 60(-something) acres in southern Wisconsin and has built his own wood-fire kiln on his property. Nothing like sitting around a hot kiln on a cold evening, downing a few bottles of wine. Although, he's been entirely too busy working two jobs to build any pots this year. So selfish. I need to remind him that sleep is for the weak.

He also owns a few laser-etching tools. Hence his ability and desire to create pottery stamps.

In a semi-related matter, we went up to my parents' hunting land last weekend to plant dwarf iris and cyclamen bulbs on Nigel's grave. And we also placed a headstone, which Joel had kindly laser etched for us. Free of charge. The least I can do is urge you to buy some pottery stamps. Would make a great Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah gift for the potter in your life!

Because who doesn't know at least a dozen, right?

I wonder if these would work for wax seals too... Perhaps you could ask Joel!

08 November 2010

hey you, comear. wanna buy a house?

Since I'm still not up to speed here in the photo department, I thought I would share a link to some property a close friend of mine has for sale. Due to the current economy, they've already dropped the price twice since putting it on the market. Making it quite a bargain if you ask me. It's a hundred year-old farmhouse on nearly ten acres, but I know he has personally put thousands of hours into updating it. If I had a nickle for every time he said, "I can't this weekend, I've gotta work on the house..." I'd be a looking at a 2% commission.

I should give credit to his ex too as she's an artist and put many wonderful touches into the details. One kitchen wall is completely hand done in broken mosaic tiles. It's absolutely beautiful.

I was told that at least one viewer was turned off by the basement. Homes this old did not consider a basement living space. This was the day of root cellars to store your carrots and potatoes, canning shelves and basic access to pipes and electrical. Watch one episode of Holmes on Homes, and you'll quickly find out newer isn't always better. But it's a buyer's market out there right now with far too much competition, so people can turn their nose up over the slightest detail.

So...I just wanted to point the place out to the three of you reading this. Maybe you know of someone looking for a hobby farm in southern Wisconsin and can send them the link.

Stay tuned for my next post when I'll be promoting another friend's online business! It's phantom kitty bump month!

03 November 2010

foto-free fednesday

Our laptop's logic board decided to call it quits almost two weeks ago. We still have a antiquated Mac G4 that I got back online to do some computer shopping, but for the most part, it's happy to just receive attention when we need to use our equally ancient scanner.

So, we purchased a shiny new MacBook Pro (yay!), and our computer guy managed to transfer over our programs and data. At first glance, that is. Today I tried opening PotatoChop and Bridge and it's telling me I've got some errors and I should reinstall the software. (ugh.)

QuickBooks is working just fine. Thanks a lot, unknowing-being-keeping-me-from-doing-fun-things.

So, for now, I'll just forge ahead on virtual paper-shuffling and fill every compact flash card in the house until I can share photos with you again.

Wish me luck...

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