22 October 2010

not if i eat you first!


not if i eat you first!

A friend of mine helped me paint the exterior of our shop this week, and yesterday I was back helping out at Cupcakes-a-go-go. But, I managed to get in some baking of my own. Halloween cookies! Aren't these skeletons "to die for"? I'm really happy with the way they turned out. My husband and I caught some special on hgtv about decorating your house for Halloween, when they showed these cookies for a few seconds. Knowing I'd never remember how they frosted them, I backed up, hit pause, and ran for my camera for a reference shot. If you're interested, I use Alton Brown's sugar cookie recipe. These turned out so darn adorable though, I wish I'd have made a double batch because the amount only allows for four skeletons, four ghosts, five cats, and six bats.

I'm guessing they'll be gone by the 31st. Boooo......


texwisgirl said...

Really really cute!!! Too cute to eat!!! I wonder if the black frosting will make your lips and tongue all black and purply... :)

bon bon said...

thanks, hon! i started with cocoa in the black frosting so i wouldn't have to go overboard with black dye. the little sprinkles on the other cutouts do more damage to your mouth, color-wise.

amy said...

Love. The little man and I just did boring leaf cookies again. (I'm imagining him delicately piping on the bone frosting. Ha!)

bon bon said...

i'm sure they were adorable! i let the neighbor girls decorate the other shapes, but keep the delicate work for myself...then proceeded to feature only my creations. ha!

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