28 October 2010



Edgerton had it's annual book festival this weekend, so the author of The Polar Express (and Jumanji) arrived via 1913 steam engine. The train was at the depot about 18 hours before Chris Van Allsburg appeared however, so I'm sure it was just a matter of him sneaking on then stepping off. I took these shots the night before his appearance. Friday we had a bright, beautiful full moon and it was my intent to go down to the depot to capture a few long exposure shots. Except they had set up this massive lighting unit, similar to four stadium lights, for safety reasons. Still got some dramatic shots in. Plus shorter exposures allowed the steam to show, so I'm happy.

The next day, for Mr. Van Allsburg's arrival, it was raining. My husband and I didn't go back as we think it would've been a crowd of parents and toddlers with umbrellas. Wrong kind of drama.


texwisgirl said...

Love it!!! Love the steam showing on the other shots on Flickr too!

When I look at the face of these engines, all I can see is a smile and think of Thomas the Train Engine... :)

(See, I'm a little up on my kids' books...)

bon bon said...

i thought this had an especially nice grin too!

do you also see the woman's profile on that vertical piece of metal on the lower right? it's the next virgin mary on toast! ha!

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