16 September 2010

tugging, rolling

tugging on the camera strap
frozen grape

"Baby" pix of Nigel. Pretty adorable, huh. We fed him frozen grapes as treats for about a year before we heard of the hazards. Never seemed to affect him, but we stopped for fear his next grape might be his last. A shame though as he loved chasing those little balls around before eating them.

Been busy at the bakery this week. Keeps me from sitting around the house missing my little guy, but I worry too about Kensi home alone now. She seems a little mellower since he's gone. We're trying to walk her more often to visit "friends" in the neighborhood. And when the girls next door get home from school, she likes to be apart of whatever activity they're doing outside. Just one of the girls.


texwisgirl said...

How adorable! I used to occasionally feed Marigold grapes too until I learned of the problems they cause. Always wondered if her liver/spleen enlargement issues are somehow related. Hope Kensi adjusts to her pug solitude... Glad you're keeping busy... :(

bon bon said...

bird by bird...

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