06 September 2010

this pug's life

this pug's life

Nigel's health is going down hill so I've been doing little other than worry about him. He's having difficulty eating due to jaw pain so he's not receiving the medicine he's suppose to take. Eating is just about his favorite thing to do(!) so there isn't a whole lot of joy in his life right now. He still likes walks so we're bumping those up to two or three a day. I'm trying to face the inevitable. Still it's hard. He's only 8 1/2. Thought he'd be around a bit longer than that.

This photo was taken in my parents' back yard in late July.

I should also mention today is my folk's 53rd wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary, you wacky kids. Sorry for putting you second in my thoughts right now. Love you.


texwisgirl said...

Poor baby Nigel... And poor you. I hate this part of pet parenthood...

bon bon said...

i'm so torn right now. he won't eat 2-3 meals in a row because it hurts too much, but then he'll decide he's too hungry and devours what's in front of him. we puree everything at this point. doesn't always work though...

texwisgirl said...

Poor dear. Too young for this already.

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