03 September 2010

this ceiling's seen a lot

this ceiling's seen a lot

This image doesn't justify how massive this structure is, and according to historical records, "[this} style of roof eliminated any support posts inside the building and yet accommodates a large dance floor free of posts to interfere with dancing. Several tons of nails and bolts were used in the construction." More importantly, it has seen the likes of Duke Ellington, Gene Autry, and Johnny Cash, just to name a few...because we were there in July and I've since forgotten all those who were on their wall of fame.

I was reminded of the day we were there because it was during my great aunt's 90th birthday party. My Grandma's 88th followed later that month. And today is the 90th birthday of my Grandma on my Dad's side. So, I come from good stock!

Well, Grandma U. went a bit off the deep end a few years ago already so she doesn't even realize today's her birthday, let alone who the hell I am, so maybe that stock has turned to rue at this point.

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