06 August 2010

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

On my day off from making cupcakes, what would I do other then make cupcakes, right? Fact is, I don't bring that many home, plus I had been wanting to make these since Ms. Humble posted them. They're chocolaty delicious, but I think I'd change a few things before making them again. The gooey marshmallow center is yummy, but I don't recall the center of an actual Hostess cupcakes being marshmallow-y. My husband and I agree that it's more of a creamy center, like a twinkie, which I'm sure I could find a recipe for easy enough. Then her white (binary) topping is white chocolate. I went with the authentic (and probably copyrighted) swirls, to which I lined up the cupcakes so I could continue the swirls without stopping. Once they dried, I had to snip them apart otherwise I could've lifted all of them off in one piece. White chocolate is runny if too hot and hardens when cool. A white icing would work just as well, and would be easier to keep at a good temperature for piping.

That concludes my baking for the day! Except it's already tomorrow so I'll be baking again in a few hours. Well, there are much worse things I could be doing.


texwisgirl said...

So, have you sent a dozen by Fed Ex yet? Yum!

bon bon said...

i can try, but i have a feeling once they reach your 100ยบ temps, you'll be opening a big box of goo!

texwisgirl said...

probably as bad as Wis cheese after transport... bummer.

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