21 August 2010

he doesn't appear to be a cat in pain

he doesn't appear to be a cat in pain

Isaac showed up the other day, with a open wound in the area of his arm pit. We wouldn't have even noticed except he was rolling on his back and started licking it. Gross. The vet said it was a clean wound, gave him antibiotics, and that instead of wearing a "cone of shame" we should purchase some infant t-shirts to discourage licking. Not sure, but if he did get in a fight, I think his chances of getting his ass kicked are even stronger. I mean if we, the people who love him are making fun of him, think of what the neighborhood cats are saying.


texwisgirl said...

Looks more like a cat possessed than a cat in pain! :)

bon bon said...

true. that last expression cracked me up! he really is the sweetest cat, which says a lot coming from a dog-person. ;o)

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