06 June 2010

with a little guidance

with a little guidance

My Mom is the oldest of three. Donnie, shown here, is six years younger. Ronnie didn't make an appearance until Mom was thirteen. Speaking as the youngest myself, I can concur that there aren't nearly as many photos of him as of the older two kids. You can see Donnie and Ronnie together here, killing a bear. Be warned, it's a gruesome sight.


texwisgirl said...

How cute is THAT!? I love that you're so connected with your family heritage. Every time you post a pic of your granddad, I have to laugh out loud - just because of the way you describe his personality! I understand where you get some of your "quirks". :)

bon bon said...

aren't they though? i love donnie's sneer. not sure if he's attempting a smile or squinting from the sun.

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