06 May 2010

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So, here's where a hundred or more members of Craig Ferguson's robot skeleton army stood waiting (in light rain) for the man to show his face after his live show last Saturday. We left after 45 minutes. About a quarter of the army remained. Teamsters were leaving and packing equipment so at that point we figured Ferguson had bailed.

Craig mentioned during his show that he googles himself. Knowing this, I would casually like to point out that Eddie Izzard stood out in this alley (practically in a downpour, no less) talking to fans, and Jim Gaffigan stood inside for over two hours shaking hands, signing stuff and having his photo taken with groups of weirdos. So, I hope he happens upon this post and the guilt becomes so unbearable, he's urged to send me an autographed copy of his book. (Tweet me Craig, @ph_kitty).

Seriously, the show was hilarious. No grudges held.

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