10 May 2010

but only until 3pm

but only until 3pm

Had a lovely Mother's Day weekend including my son and his bride cooking us an amazing brunch. I can't recall what each thing was called but I know waffles when I see them. Other items were a blueberry buckle (similar to a coffee cake), and some potato, bacon layered pile of heavenly goodness. gaaaaaaa... I didn't take photos, but trust me, you'd be drooling.

This photo is still from our trip to Chicago last weekend. Brunch at Lou Michell's, in business since 1923. And they have a very good reason to be in business that long. I enjoyed french toast with fresh strawberries and cream, and Glenn ordered a Greek sausage omelet. Yum! Plus, this little old lady walks around with a basket on her arm asking everyone "fresh doughnut hole?" "Yes, please!" Here's a bit of Chicago trivia for you. Jackson Street (where you'll find Lou's) is the start of the infamous Route 66. More specially, it begins at the corner of Jackson and Michigan, right outside the doors of the Art Institute of Chicago. Although I haven't noticed any historic marker of any sorts there, Lou's declares it quite proudly.

You'll find other images from our trip on flickr, but since we had another productive weekend in the photography department, I have to keep things rolling. We finally bought some studio lights and set up an area in our basement where two burlesque friends of ours allowed us to test our new equipment. They went all out! Unfortunately, we're lacking in backgrounds, props and any goodies yet to pull off some creative sets, but once you see these gals, you probably won't pay attention to their surroundings anyway.


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