18 April 2010

aaaaaaaand action!

aaaaaaaand action!

My Dad has some awesome retro camera equipment that he picked up when he was in Korea 1959-60. I think the items themselves are pretty photogenic. Didn't get a shot of his regular camera though as my sister has it. Everything still works yet. One of these days, we need to drag out the hundreds of slides he has stacked in the bathroom closet. Although, I do recall a few too many shots of the Thunderbirds, or Blue Angels, or whatever the hell those Air Force dudes were called.

(You can click the image which will take you to my photostream, and see shots there of the mini slide projector. I know, exciting.)

Speaking of exciting, I'm happy to share that a friend of mine has entered the world of blogging! If serene, Texas ranch living is something you've always been interested in, then look no further than the Run*A*Round Ranch Report. Give her a big howdy and virtual smooch from her old chum in Wisconsin.

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texwisgirl said...

Right back atcha w/ the smooches, girl! Thanks for the shout-out!

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