28 April 2010

warm sun should equal sleep, right?

warm sun should equal sleep, right?

I've mentioned before that Kensi is not a "morning person". She only gets up because she feels it necessary to have me within her line of sight. If only I could communicate to her how stupid she is.

24 April 2010

22 April 2010

happy earth(worm) day!

happy earth(worm) day!

Cupcakes-a-go-go has been busy the last couple days, getting ready for Earth Day/Take Your Child To Work Day, by making nineteen dozen dirt cupcakes for a local business. Pretty cute, huh? Delicious too. Not only do they have a Oreo crumble on top for the dirt but there's a yummy bite of chocolate chip cookie dough on the inside of the chocolate cupcake. And everyone knows cookie dough attracts gummy worms.

If you're in need of a more adult cupcake however, this may be more to your liking. Ow baby...

21 April 2010



Rather fleeting myself lately as the bakery has been keeping me busy.

Hope you're taking some time to slow down and enjoy the beauty springing up around you. :o)

18 April 2010

aaaaaaaand action!

aaaaaaaand action!

My Dad has some awesome retro camera equipment that he picked up when he was in Korea 1959-60. I think the items themselves are pretty photogenic. Didn't get a shot of his regular camera though as my sister has it. Everything still works yet. One of these days, we need to drag out the hundreds of slides he has stacked in the bathroom closet. Although, I do recall a few too many shots of the Thunderbirds, or Blue Angels, or whatever the hell those Air Force dudes were called.

(You can click the image which will take you to my photostream, and see shots there of the mini slide projector. I know, exciting.)

Speaking of exciting, I'm happy to share that a friend of mine has entered the world of blogging! If serene, Texas ranch living is something you've always been interested in, then look no further than the Run*A*Round Ranch Report. Give her a big howdy and virtual smooch from her old chum in Wisconsin.

16 April 2010

cousin harris

cousin harris

Sweet jebus, April's half over already? What the hell is going on here with this whole Earth rotation thing? How did I ever function when I had a real job? I seriously get nothing done some days. I can admit to that because my husband doesn't read my blog. The loser.

Watch now, this will be the one time he decides to drop by.

Actually, I did work Mon-Thur of this week at Duck Soup and Cupcakes-a-go-go, but for the sake of my unemployment check, Uncle Sam should know I'm being paid in sex and cupcakes. In that order...

Watch now, this will be the one time Uncle Sam decides to drop by.

13 April 2010

the newest family member

the newest family member

This is Justin. A recent addition to our expanding family table at holiday time. He is my niece's son and just shy of six months. Also just shy of four teeth. According to my brother, this is as grumpy as he gets.

12 April 2010

he's inside the house! get out!!!

We had "Easter" at my parents this weekend. Even though this is normally a photo-blog, my niece, Jamie, shared a pretty funny story I wanted to relay and I don't have a image that justifies. To set it up, I should mention it was told to her by a coworker about an aunt's friend (or friend's aunt), so take into consideration it's already four times removed so I cannot speak for how much is missing or has been elaborated upon. Also, the incident took place in Vesper, Wisconsin. Incase that bit of info helps during a Google search...

A 20 year old man with autism was at home recently when he called his mother at work (the aunt's friend) freaking out because, as he puts it, "there's a troll in the house!" She obviously didn't take him seriously enough the first time because he called back three times in an hour exclaiming "THERE A TROLL IN THE HOUSE!!" I'm not sure what was going through her head or the thought process of an autistic man, but at some point she decided that a wild animal probably got loose in their house. So, she called animal-control and headed home to see what the problem was. She arrived before them and her son was going off the deep end about this damn troll and that he had trapped it in bedroom closet. She went in there to find he had pushed a heavy dresser in front of the closet door. Then someone starting knocking on it.

Inside she found a census worker. A midget...

I really couldn't tell you what happened after that because we all lost it.

08 April 2010

right view

right view
Click image to take you to flickr to view several other angles.

So here's the story. The good folks at Edgerton Vet (who allowed me to post these xrays.) haven't had much luck treating Nigel's ear infection with topical or medicinal care, so we ended up taking two trips to the UW Veterinary Hospital for treatment and a CT scan. Unfortunately, his many years of reoccurring infections has caused the membrane surrounding his left ear drum to become calcified, leaving him nearly deaf on that side. His right side doesn't fair much better. He can hear but has a hard time locating where the sound is coming from. Not a great life for a dog already blind, with diabetes, hypothyroidism, and a poor liver that may not even be able to handle a surgery that would make him completely deaf. But as of now, he's on pain meds and does not seem to be suffering. Last week, if he bumped into you or the wall, or you cleaned his ear, he'd let out a yelp. This week, he seems pain-free again and is happily begging for treats and enjoying a good butt massage. (Who doesn't?) And I'm feeling his death isn't as imminent so I can actually discuss all this without bawling. Even so, he'll be 8 in less than two weeks, and I have to come to terms that he may not see 9.

But, I'd like to send out a warning to anyone out there who comes across pugs for sale in the area of Rewey, Wisconsin. Nigel came from the same farm as another pug in our neighborhood, named Otis. Otis and Nigel shared many of the same health issues, and Otis was just 10 years old last fall when they finally had to put him down. In his case, his hearing went before his eyesight. Both dogs were/are great companions, friendly and very smart, (Before Nigel went blind, he could pick out a dozen different toys by name.) But neither of us were clued in enough to know what to look for, or just too polite to look for pigment in their mother's eyes or waxy build-up in dad's ears. Educate yourself on the problems of your breed and ask to see health records of the parents. If they have something to hide, there's a reason for it. Don't believe people when they show you their dogs "papers". They can be falsified. God only know how much inbreeding was going on there. When we asked to see Nigel's dad they had to go bring him in from the barn. That should've been the first sign. Of course, you fall so quickly in love with this little puppy and sell yourself on the fact that you're "not getting one at a pet store because those places are awful."

Our second pug, Kensi, came from a home of just four adult pugs who lived in the house with the family. All dogs were calm, well-behaved and obviously loved. Didn't have the factory atmosphere the farm harbored. Hide-sight is 20/20, of course.

The lesson we learned is that any future dogs we acquire will be rescued. Which doesn't guarantee a healthy animal, but I won't feel like someone has pulled the wool over our eyes either. And on that note, here's an excellent place to find your next best friend... :o)

05 April 2010

ready for the crowds!

ready for the crowds!

So last weekend was the big Epic event, (and I'm not being repetitious as Epic is a pretty prominent company here in the Madison area) to which I helped my friends over at Cupcakes-a-go-go bake, fill, frost and serve 6,000 mini cupcakes to their lucky employees! It was five straight days of madness but we had a great time too! Plus we received many compliments in the end, so it was a very gratifying experience. You can see the entire set of photos here.

The following week was not so much fun. Nigel's ear infection is not going away with topical or medicinal care so we took two trips to the UW Veterinary Hospital for treatment and a CT scan. But I think I'll leave that for another post as there's quite a bit to share, plus some warnings I'd like to give to anyone searching for a pug puppy.

It's just too much to deal with while viewing a shitload of cupcakes, really.

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