03 March 2010

x's & o's

x's & o's

The "kids" greeting "Daddy". Everybody say awwwwww!

Check out more wonderful photos at Sticky Fingers gallery here. Or add your own to the mix! This week's topic is your idea of Beauty.


Anonymous said...

Boooooootiful. Love that pic.

Tara Cain said...

Awww, totally loving the kids!
Thanks so much for joining in x

Susie said...

I am so starting to think that I really want to take a photography class

littledude's mummy said...

SO super cute!!
Don't tell my shihtzu, but I would *love* a pug :)

Brighton Mum-Teenage Angst said...

That is so, so cute!

Modern Dilemma said...

They are too cute! Lovely photo, thanks for coming over to have a look at mine. I'll look forward to sharing more photos with you over the coming weeks at The Gallery (isn't it a fab idea, Tara deserves a medal!)

MD x

bon bon said...

thank you all for dropping in! to anyone who wants more photo challenges, there are several weekly assignment groups on flickr as well.

flickr in itself can be a photo class, susie! :o)

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