29 March 2010

before things got hectic

before things got hectic

I'm a bit behind posting my weekly self-portrait. It still counts though as it was taken last Sunday. The week to follow however kept me finishing up my dog walking adventure for one friend and starting a cupcake-making adventure for another, so I didn't get in much 'puter time. Took lots of photos though! Meanwhile, Nigel's ear condition has worsened so tomorrow I have to take him to a specialist. Which is to say, my dog-walking-cupcake-making money will be paying for his cat scan. At least, I hope it covers it. If not, I'm wondering if anyone has attempted a benefit to help pay for medical costs for the care of a dog.

On that note, feel free to visit my husband's etsy site linked below!

Update: Here's a shot just of Kensi.

her majesty


texwisgirl said...

Poor Nigel! I'd donate!!!

bon bon said...

if i know you, you'd help every little lost pooch on earth if you could. just one reason i love you...

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